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  • Stonhard: 100 Years of Us

    Stonhard: 100 Years of Us

    Celebrating a century of innovation, solutions & relationships!

  • Relationships Matter

    Relationships Matter

    For a century, and in the toughest times, we're here for you.

  • Brewery Flooring Solutions

    Brewery Flooring Solutions

    Your brewery floor and its installation should meet your unique needs.

  • Safety: Walk the Line

    Safety: Walk the Line

    See how Stonhard floors create a safer environment in industrial spaces.

  • Manufacturing Facilities Rely on Stonhard Floors

    Manufacturing Facilities Rely on Stonhard Floors

    From one manufacturer to another, we understand your needs.

  • COVID-19 Field Hospital

    COVID-19 Field Hospital

    Stonhard responds: Helping the Heroes.

  • Stonclad UT Installation

    Stonclad UT Installation

    Learn about our seamless flooring installation & single-source warranty.

  • Parking Deck Installation

    Parking Deck Installation

    The developers of Howland Green, a newly constructed business centre, were looking for a durable and decorative waterproofing solution for the suspended slabs in the building’s parking garage to meet code requirements and match the aesthetic of this premium development.

  • Lunch & Break Rooms

    Lunch & Break Rooms

    Lunch and Break Rooms aren’t just for schools…check out our video!

  • The Seamless Solution

    The Seamless Solution

    In corridors or any space, our poured-in-place floors are attractive and long lasting.

  • Hygienic Curbs

    Hygienic Curbs

    Hygienic curbs and seamless floors, the ultimate solution for Food & Beverage.

  • Floors For The Food Industry

    Floors For The Food Industry

    Why are troweled, urethane mortar floors best for food environments? Find out here!

  • Protection With ESD Floors

    Protection With ESD Floors

    ESD flooring with superior performance! Watch our brief video!

  • We are the difference, worldwide

    We are the difference, worldwide

    We are the difference, worldwide.

  • Stonshield URI Installation

    Stonshield URI Installation

    Watch our commercial kitchen installation with urethane-based, Stonshield URI.

  • Stadium Floor Solutions

    Stadium Floor Solutions

    We deliver floor solutions to stadiums, any area, anywhere around the world.

  • The Total Hygienic Solution

    The Total Hygienic Solution

    With the "Power of 3" we protect your food & beverage facility from Listeria and more!

  • School Flooring Solutions

    School Flooring Solutions

    We meet flooring challenges for any areas in schools and universities.

  • Hygienic Floors

    Hygienic Floors

    Learn about anti-microbial solutions for an even cleaner floor.

  • Durability and Design

    Durability and Design

    Industrial flooring performance, commercial flooring options for great design.

  • Unique, Artistic Flooring

    Unique, Artistic Flooring

    Stonhard's Liquid Elements makes a splash at Campari America

  • Sustainable with Stonhard

    Sustainable with Stonhard

    See how Stonhard can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Food & Beverage Solutions

    Food & Beverage Solutions

    Combating challenges faced by food & beverage facilities.

  • Food Safe Floors & Walls

    Food Safe Floors & Walls

    Get total hygienic turnkey solutions for your food & beverage facility needs.

  • We Install on Your Schedule

    We Install on Your Schedule

    Winter shutdown? Perfect for installing floors. We work on your schedule.

  • Why Seamless Means Hygienic

    Why Seamless Means Hygienic

    When striving to create a hygienic facility, your flooring choice matters.

  • Cold Room Flooring

    Cold Room Flooring

    We are experts in cold room flooring chemistries and installation.

  • Top 5 Flooring For Pharma

    Top 5 Flooring For Pharma

    We formulate floors for specific conditions in your pharmaceutical facility.



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