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What is a Low Odour Flooring Installation?

Keeping odour to a minimum is an obvious consideration when installing any materials in industrial or commercial environments. Everyone wants to consider health and follow regulations in order to eliminate harm to personnel and limit the disruption of operations. When a floor is being installed it is imperative the installer takes all necessary precautions, knows the materials, and uses proper ventilation and equipment regardless of the materials.

Benefits of Low Odour Installations

When installing a new floor, odour is bound to be a consideration in any work environment. When an installation is deemed “low odour” there are certain expectations involved.

Benefit highlights include:

  • Protecting the health of employees and visitors during installation
  • Fewer distractions for employees due to chemical odours
  • Advantages to installation in areas where ventilation is not optimal
  • Avoiding costly shut-downs

Recommended Industries

All industries can benefit from low odour installations, though for some it may be more critical.

Recommended industries include:

Recommended Products

Stonhard floors are installed by our own installers. We take responsibility for products and installation.  Our team of Territory Managers, Architects and Engineers will assist you in finding the best floor for your environment and ensure installation practices of the highest quality.

Recommended products include:

  • Stonblend - pharmaceutical, healthcare, educational, laboratory and corporate
  • Stonlux SL - research & development facilities, light manufacturing, clean rooms
  • Stonres - healthcare and education facilities
  • Stonshield - healthcare, retail environments, entertainment venues



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