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stonres rtz flooringin metro station platform

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

This light rail system in the U.K. was renovated using Stonres RTZ, which was applied over existing, damaged terrazzo. The platform was greatly improved with better slip protection and noise-reduction.

stonres rtz flooringon railway platform

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

This railway platform flooring system performs under high-traffic conditions and is stain resistant and durable. It also has the same ergonomic and noise-reducing qualities you'd find in a hospital or library.

stonres rtz flooring in metro station

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

Stonres RTZ beautifies and protects this railway station, making a pleasant environment for passengers and a surface that is easy to maintain for staff.

stonres rtz flooring in train station

Products Used:

Stonres RTZ

Smooth, seamless, easy-to-maintain floors keep people on the move in this train station.

stonblend gsi flooring in train station concourse

Products Used:

Stonblend GSI

A train station concourse utilizes a quartz, seamless flooring system that is both savvy in design and tough against wear and tear in a bustling public area.

stonclad gs on transit station floor

Products Used:

Stonclad GS

This transit station floor is highly durable, standing up to impact, abrasion, and constant traffic. Stonclad GS provides extraordinary performance for busy environments.

Transportation Facility Flooring Solutions

On the go? We have seamless floors for airports, train stations and bus terminals. Slip resistant, easy to maintain, stain and impact resistant too, our floors stand up to all kinds of traffic, wheeled or foot. Great designs in long lasting formulations give the transportation industry exactly what they need.


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Case Studies

OC Transpo, St.Laurent Station

Stonclad UT

Stonshield HRI

Stonkote GS4



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